Why Agents Should Maximize Agency Management Systems

March 19, 2021

Traditionally, independent insurance agents have invested in agency management systems (AMS) to automate their business and work more efficiently with real-time data at their fingertips. These systems give agents the ability to learn about various insurance solutions, review existing personal and commercial policies, compare rates, keep contact information, launch marketing campaigns and process claims — all in one place.

However, because this wise investment in software requires hours of training and research, not all independent agencies use them to their fullest potential. Agents and staff who utilize their AMS fully can accelerate their capacity to effectively communicate with clients, supercharge the sales process, measure agency key performance indicators (KPIs) and improve efficiencies through integration.

How do agents maximize their AMS to get the most of their investment while managing transactions, improving quality and increasing client sales? There are a variety of features to increase AMS efficiency that should not be overlooked.

Read the full article, written by Jeff Holmes, Chief Operating Officer of SIAA, published March 19, 2021 in The Standard. Reprinted with permission from The Standard, Copyright 2021, Standard Publishing Corporation, Boston, MA. All rights reserved.