What We Do

SIAA makes a difference in people’s lives by helping them build successful careers and businesses.

For insurance agency owners with a desire to grow, the return on membership is significant. Agencies that join an SIAA master agency gain immediate access top national and regional carriers – strategic partner companies paying top-level commissions, national and local incentives and profit sharing without minimums.

Get in on the growth

Whether you’re an existing agency seeking growth and increased profitability, a successful producer, captive, or life & financial services agent looking to start your own, new independent agency, SIAA is the strategic alliance you need to expand your business.

Represent the most competitive companies

SIAA has 30 strategic partnerships with top-tier insurance companies, providing direct access to markets for virtually any risk. Member agencies have the ability to earn direct codes, or use the placement facility in their local Master Agency, AccessPlus.

Increase your independence

SIAA strives for complete transparency and your understanding of how you can maximize revenue with strategic partners, growth programs and income generating activities. However, at the end of the day, SIAA members have the freedom to operate their businesses in the manner in which they choose.