Hard Market Survival Guide for Independent Agents

September 15, 2023

You’ve heard the analogy of building the airplane while you are in mid-flight? The analogy is apt for today’s independent agencies.

As agents head into the last quarter of 2023 and start planning for 2024, they can expect to continue navigating the headwinds of a seemingly unstoppable hard market while simultaneously working to retain and gain clients. While they will collect increased premiums from existing accounts, they will also face plenty of pushback from clients who choose to shop around for lower prices.

The best way to set up your agency for success is to position yourself as a trusted advisor to your clients’ businesses. Here are three ways to do so effectively.

Read the full article, written by Steve Tombarelli, Senior Vice President, Programs & Services of SIAA, published September 15, 2023 in The Standard. Reprinted with permission from The Standard, Copyright 2023, Standard Publishing Corporation, Boston, MA. All rights reserved.