Ways to improve retention and build cross-selling opportunities in the COVID-19 era

As the impact of the coronavirus continues to disrupt our lives, the healthcare system, and our economy in so many ways, independent agents are being called on to serve clients and provide valuable trusted advice to those who may be stressed, anxious, and feeling vulnerable. Now more than ever, agents have an opportunity to demonstrate the value of local and personal relationships. And in so doing, they can lock in customer loyalty, boost retention and round out accounts.

Working from home and social distancing shouldn’t derail these efforts. It’s likely this won’t be our last ride through a high-risk, high-anxiety situation. Agents have the experience to engage clients and the know-how to do it from a distance, thanks to technology.

How can agents be sure they will keep a client’s business? How will agents find growth opportunities when so many people and businesses are struggling? By providing clients with the knowledge and advice to make the best decisions at this time, earning their trust for the longer term.

Read the full article, written by Doug Coombs, Chief Marketing Officer of SIAA, published June 26, 2020 on roughnotes.com.