Independent Agents Can Reassure Homeowners During Difficult Times

June 12, 2020

Many people who have lost jobs or been furloughed due to the pandemic are struggling to pay their mortgage and feeling the stress and insecurity that comes with it. In this environment, they may welcome a check-in from their independent agent about how their insurance will protect them until we reach a new normal.

Whether it’s professionals discovering they need additional homeowners insurance, families that have college-aged kids or elderly parents moving in with them or those investing time and energy into home improvements, many will welcome advice on how to save money and get additional protection for their homes.

Covering the basics with clients will instill trust. Taking the conversation a step further to show them ways they can save money while protecting their home through life’s challenges can build loyalty and help them feel better.

Read the full article, written by Jeff Holmes, Chief Operating Officer of SIAA, published June 12, 2020 in The Standard. Reprinted with permission from The Standard, Copyright 2020, Standard Publishing Corporation, Boston, MA. All rights reserved.