Episode 21: Insights and Inspiration from IA Evolve 2023

October 3, 2023

In this episode of IATS, host Doug Coombs and a panel of colleagues from SIAA delve into the biggest takeaways from IA Evolve, the virtual conference that has become a must-attend for insurance agents seeking to navigate the industry’s evolving landscape. Focusing on the nexus of innovation and technology, IA Evolve stands out for those eager to leverage the latest trends.

Joining Doug were Brendan Mulcahy, Vice President of Technology and Innovation Partnerships, Jillian Wolley, Marketing Manager, Partnerships, and Lisa Grover, Vice President of Marketing—all of whom contributed to making IA Evolve 2023 one to remember. Together, they unpacked how technology, notably AI, is revolutionizing the insurance industry. Emphasizing the importance of data analytics, they explored its role in refining client experiences and pinpointing market trends for insurance brokers and agents alike.

The episode further highlights the overarching significance of the insights shared for independent insurance agents. The panelists agreed that such knowledge is key to bolstering the growth of the independent insurance distribution channel at both large and granular levels. By equipping agencies to pivot quickly within this fast-paced industry and ensuring insurance agents are primed with top-tier services, the conference emerges as a transformative force.

For insurance agents and professionals who couldn’t attend the live event, this episode offers a succinct overview of the conference’s immense value. Remember, IA Evolve is available on-demand for 30-days for all those keen to deep dive into these industry-shaping insights.

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