Independent agents bring plenty of value to the customer relationship—options, savings, expertise, personalized coverage reviews and knowledgeable guidance during the claims process, just to name a few.

But where an agent can shine in the day-to-day client relationship is customer service, which will ultimately expand the agent-client relationship. Having the tools to help and being able to employ them properly, ensures the best chance of building customer loyalty and receiving referrals.

Here are three digital resources every agent should consider to best manage their customer relationships:

1) Virtual assistants. One of the most practical ways to avoid adding to overhead, while still gaining the help any busy insurance agent needs, is incorporating a virtual assistant. Employing a virtual assistant for back-office, clerical work that doesn’t require an insurance license can be extremely economical, often far less than a part-time, annual salary for an in-person assistant. Licensed insurance virtual assistants are also an option.

Read the full article written by Doug Coombs, Chief Marketing Officer of SIAA, published May 1, 2022 in IA Magazine.