Where is the Best Place to Buy Online Insurance Leads? Is That Even a Thing?

June 28, 2021

Imagine you are hosting a dinner and want everything to go perfectly, but are inexperienced in the kitchen, don’t have time, or maybe you just don’t like cooking. So, you purchase everything from the appetizers to the tiramisu, serve it on your dinnerware, and voila! Success!

If only independent insurance agents could do the same thing with lead generation. It would be a beautiful thing, right?

Our insurance lead products produce better results.

Save time and money by connecting with the right people, the first time.

Obtain quality leads without the expensive overhead.

While it may seem alluring to buy leads, especially if you are a new agency owner and have not had time to ramp up your marketing program, it is important to understand how most providers obtain their leads, how they operate, and what type of prospect they are likely to deliver.

Typically, lead vendors put up websites to capture traffic – through paid and/or organic search – targeting consumers price shopping their insurance online. The visitor is encouraged to submit a form, and their information becomes a lead, which is sold to insurance agents. Variations to this model may include adding some form of authentication or qualification, and most importantly, exclusivity. If the same lead is sold to multiple agents, it can really hurt your chances of making a sale.

Before you invest in a lead-purchase approach, ask yourself:

  • Why isn’t this the usual way of attracting business for most independent agents? Or, put another way, if this is so great, why isn’t everyone doing it?
  • How long will this price-driven customer stay with my agency? Are they the type of client I want to build my business on?
  • Is this process taking time away from my own lead generation efforts?

For some agencies, purchasing insurance leads is a valuable means to either kick-start or supplement their sales funnel activity. Knowing what questions to ask of the lead companies, and understanding the way it fits with your own business development efforts will help you decide if this route is right for you.