What You Should Know Before Joining an Agency Network

September 2, 2019

Matt MasielloToday is a great time to be an independent agent, but running an independent agency is not easy. Without an awareness of how the industry is evolving, and having access to ongoing training and education, you may not be adequately preparing for the future. If you are too busy handling day-to-day business so there is not time work on growth simultaneously, you could lose your current and potential clients in a hurry.

Whether you are a captive or independent agent you need a solid foundation. Ask yourself: Are you a well-known professional in your community? Are you working with carriers that meet your clients’ needs? Are you technologically savvy with a fully automated office? How about a year from now? You need to know how you will drive growth and profitable results in the long term and, with the prevalence of innovation and technology impacting the industry, how to evolve as the industry does.

Read the full article in print or online, written by Matt Masiello, CEO of SIAA, published in Insurance Journal.