Build the relationship and listen to your clients and prospects

An independent agent’s skill at ensuring every client interaction is positive, whether the agent is writing new coverage, answering questions, or facilitating a claim – is key to improving retention, increasing referrals, and adding value and trust to the relationship.

Today, with our increasing dependence on technology, these interactions are no longer just face-to-face or over the phone. Clients now demand fast, seamless transactions, and agents must utilize technology to offer the best experience and engagement. Removing pain points for clients and prospects is part of growing the agency.

In a recent customer experience report, KPMG studied businesses to understand what has most often helped their success during the pandemic. “Digitally prepared companies that responded to the COVID-19 crisis with innovative customer experiences made dramatic leaps upward in the 2020 rankings. Some remained open during shutdowns and leveraged technology to improve the physical experience. Others did not have physical presence under stay-at-home conditions yet were able to accommodate new online customers with a human touch or become more deeply embedded in their customers’ lives with new relationship-building programs.”

Read the full article in PIA Magazine, written by Doug Coombs, CMO at SIAA – reprinted with the permission from PIA Management Services Inc.