Reimagining Insurance Referrals

October 30, 2020

Do you have a go-to script when asking for referrals that builds up to…requesting a referral? Asking your clients to hand over a name or names can be awkward for everyone, and often leads to the “I can’t think of anyone,” response. Yet, successful independent agencies consistently report referrals and word of mouth as their largest source of new clients. How do they do it?

In short, no single referral “magic bullet” exists, and it is more of a matter of covering all the bases at your disposal. Here are some ideas to re-equip your referral toolbox:

  • Focus on your best clients. Rather than a scattershot approach, your most profitable, most loyal, and your happiest clients are the ones you hope to find more of. Staying engaged with these top-tier clients will help keep you top of mind when an opportunity for referral presents itself.
  • Use social media and review sites. Implement strategies to gain 5-star reviews, testimonials and highlight your community involvement. Participate in local community Facebook groups in a positive way.
  • Cultivate non-client referral sources. Think beyond the traditional business networking groups. Developing symbiotic relationships with real estate agents, financial planners and other professionals can really pay off.
  • Ask more than once. Agents with successful referral programs report asking multiple times during and after the sales process. A hand-written thank you note can leave a favorable impression and can tie back your referral program.

Remember, referrals are earned through an exceptional experience. The most important factor in any referral program will always be providing the best service possible.