Looking Ahead to 2021: Driving Sales in Uncertain Times

November 30, 2020

Three ways agencies can market efficiently and smartly

For many independent agents, the year 2020 brought dramatic change to the way they do business and to their prospects for the future. As everyone navigated uncharted and uncertain waters, some agencies experienced an alarming drop in income, while others were able to hold their own and even grow.

What was the difference? While many factors may have been in play, one key difference was whether an agency reacted to the pandemic with extreme caution—pulling back on sales and marketing—or whether they were proactive in making changes and expanded their marketing.

Now, as agents assess their performance and plan for 2021, at the top of the list for many will be a strategy to drive new business at a time when an uncertain U.S. economy struggles to recover.

Marketing aggressively at a time when budgets are strained may not make sense to some, but since the pandemic began, it became apparent that agencies that effectively moved their marketing agenda forward fared better than ones that didn’t. In fact, a recent Entrepreneur article pointed out that “long-term studies show the right approach during economic uncertainty is to increase—not decrease—your marketing spend.”

This article will examine three ways that independent agencies can drive sales and marketing efficiently and smartly in uncertain times: refocusing and targeting marketing efforts, investing in technology and data analytics, and building brand ambassadors among the staff.

Read the full article, written by Jeff Holmes, SVP and COO of SIAA, published on November 30, 2020 in Rough Notes.