There has been a big push for independent agents to become more digital in an effort to enhance the customer experience. With a wide array of choices to make when adopting technology, it can be difficult to know what to do; however, the most important part is simply to start, according to a panel of agents who took part in SIAA’s IA Evolve virtual conference.

For as long as he has been in the industry, Matt Masiello, chief executive officer, SIAA, has heard that independent agencies will diminish. “I’ve been told that we’re dinosaurs, that we don’t deliver a value proposition to the consumer, that carriers don’t need us and that banks, Insurtechs and everyone else is going to put us out of business. This is the strongest I’ve ever seen the channel. We are converting exclusive channel business over to the independent agency channel.”

“It’s not really important what company or solution that you’re using — it’s that you’re working on achieving those things because every agency is different. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution,” said Aaron Sims, co-president and chief executive officer, Mountain Empire Agency Alliance.

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