Keeping It Light in a Weird Time – 5 Ways Insurance Agencies Can Help Their Neighbors Smile

September 17, 2020

An insurance office marquee reads, “Dumbest purchase of late: a 2020 planner.”

Why use humor in the middle of a pandemic? As we go about our business masked and hesitant to be with each other, many still working from home and staying in rather than risking large crowds or unpleasant awkwardness, an occasional infusion of light-heartedness can serve as relief in what is otherwise a troubling time for many.

In addition to your focus on how you can help, why not engage your community in a positive, uplifting way? Here are five actions independent agents can take to spread cheer while simultaneously marketing their agencies.

  1. Host a virtual comedy night. Locate and hire 1-2 PG-rated standup comedians for your online community. Solicit neighboring local businesses to join as co-sponsors and co-promoters, inviting your shared pool of clients and engaging on social channels and through word-of-mouth.
  2. Enhance your community Facebook groups by posting inspirational, upbeat or supportive information. Consider quick laughs, inspiring quotes, happy stories designed to warm hearts and inspire.
  3. Transform your insurance agency’s brick-and-mortar into an art gallery. Invite local artists to display their art using your agency’s window space. Organize with other local businesses to do the same and expand the impact.
  4. Hold virtual raffles to win local restaurant gift cards. At a time when many local establishments are suffering, your support is much needed and appreciated. Consider rotating through some of your favorite restaurants, announcing new prizes and winners each week.
  5. It’s okay to brag. Proudly show how your agency and staff are supporting your community. Sponsor charities and virtual walks; provide direct support of local schools, or hybrid school projects. Post photos and short stories of these efforts on your website and social media channels. This work creates brand awareness and a strong public image while doing good.

Get creative in your own way – whether it’s starting a pumpkin-carving contest for downtown businesses leading up to Halloween or sponsoring a drive-in concert at the local park or ballfield with social distancing. Engaging with the community safely is a natural way to bring positive energy to your business.