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February 2023 | Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy that focuses on continuous improvement and change for the better. It is best known as a central principle of the Toyota Production System and aims to make small changes to improve processes and outcomes over time. This approach can be applied to independent insurance agencies, relative to operational efficiency and customer service. The goal is to foster a culture of continuous improvement within the agency, where everyone is encouraged to identify areas for improvement and take action to make changes. This may include utilizing new technologies, streamlining processes, and providing proactive and responsive client support.

In this issue:

  • ChatGPT: A Key to Efficient Content Creation for Independent Insurance Agencies?
  • Maximizing Co-op Marketing Funds for Independent Insurance Agencies: Best Practices and Strategies
  • Must-Have Technologies and Tech Skills for Independent Agents in 2023
  • Handling Difficult Clients and Situations
  • Managing Your Online Reputation: Responding to Reviews

…and more!

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