Five Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Perform

May 21, 2020

Engaging on LinkedIn allows you to stay connected to your clients and prospects, even when you cannot meet with them face-to-face. Just like networking in-person, there are ways to move your LinkedIn presence from forgettable to memorable with just a small investment of time and creativity.

  1. Upload a professional Photo. Do: Smile and make eye contact. Don’t: Use a 20-year-old selfie from your family reunion.
  2. Create a meaningful Headline. Your headline is second to your name when setting up your profile in both position and importance. Do: Distinguish yourself. Describe what you do in a way that would make sense to your client base. Don’t: Use single-word non-descriptive titles (Agent, Owner, Principal).
  3. Personalize your Summary. Utilize this area to convey what you can do, and your value proposition. Take advantage of the Summary to personalize what you do professionally and personally. Do: Write in first person, and sound conversational. Don’t: Copy and paste the summary from your resume.
  4. Include your Experience, Education, Licenses and Certifications. Your secondary education and relevant experience count, as well as any relevant designations. Do: In addition to putting designations in Licenses and Certifications, add the symbols after your last name. Don’t: Drudge up every non-relevant position from your past.
  5. Highlight volunteer work and community service. For many independent agents, being of service to their communities extends well beyond the desk. Don’t be shy about including your Volunteer Experience in your profile.

Once you’ve got the basics covered, don’t just set it and forget it. Review at least 3-4 times a year to ensure your information is up to date, your privacy settings are set according to your preferences, and you are not missing out on any new features LinkedIn may have added.

LinkedIn Profile Infographic