Five Ways to Make Remote Work Successful for Your Insurance Agency

April 16, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic forces many employees to work from home, insurance agencies across the nation are tasked with providing essential services while utilizing a remote staffing model. Making the transition to remote work isn’t easy, but with the right oversight, insurance agencies can successfully make the shift.

  1.  First, consider all positions involved in the transition to remote work and share the plan with the full team. Determine if any essential staff need to work onsite (with social distancing). Discuss how technology will be utilized and enable staff to use virtual meeting software to interact with clients, prospects and each other.
  2. If possible, provide visibility across the full agency. Cloud-based and web-based project management software makes existing team projects transparent, and enables staff to share files, view discussion threads, chat in real time, search subjects, and ultimately manage all tasks in one place. Once the move to remote work has occurred, ask staff if they have all they need to complete their work.
  3. Make communication and transparency top priorities. Meet frequently and virtually with staff teams to keep everyone focused on goals, priorities and successes.
  4. Review progress over time. Measure whether your producers are talking with business leaders remotely, explaining coverages and advisory services, are they fulfilling their personal lines clients’ needs, and the extent to which customer service staff are quelling client’s concerns. Tracking results will show you if the plan is working.
  5. Everything is not business as usual. Some staff members may need guidance on how to make the switch to remote work. Be flexible and patient – recommend daily exercise, adequate sleep, and breaks. If staff have children or elderly parents at home, they may need some time off to care for them.

With steady, consistent communication, the team can move forward and have a positive impact on the agency and its clients. No one is sure of when we will be able to safely work together again, but our virtual cooperation is key to a positive outcome.