Episode 23: Improving Retention with Cross-Selling

October 31, 2023

In the current competitive market, retaining clients is more important than ever. Cross-selling, meaning introducing clients to complementary products and services, is a potent tool in bolstering client loyalty. In this episode of IATS, we discuss cross-selling and its impact on client retention.

In conversation with Steve Tombarelli, Senior Vice President of Programs and Services at SIAA, we gain insights on the key strategies behind creating an impactful client experience and cultivating lasting, “sticky” relationships. We also explore the power of multiple client touchpoints and how each interaction can be transformed into valuable cross-selling opportunities. Our conversation also includes the significance of digital platforms, sustained communication, and service as the backbone of effective cross-selling and client retention. You’ll also hear how targeting a niche market can set your business apart from the rest. So, tune in for a great discussion on cross-selling and enhancing client loyalty!

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