Always On: A Look at Emerging Trends and Ongoing Threats Facing Independent Agents

November 10, 2023

Market fluctuations, economic turbulence and ongoing natural catastrophes are just a few issues impacting decision-making for independent agents every day. A good independent agent understands emerging and ongoing trends and knows how to move quickly and strategically to not only navigate challenges, but also to find opportunities to grow their book of business.

So, what are some emerging trends and ongoing threats facing agents as we close out 2023, and how can agents best position themselves for success? Here, we look at five issues currently before independent agents and how agents might navigate them to find their way to new opportunity.

Read the full article, written by James Keane, Vice President, National Sales at SIAA, published November 10, 2023 in The Standard. Reprinted with permission from The Standard, Copyright 2023, Standard Publishing Corporation, Boston, MA. All rights reserved.